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Fire resistant curtains protect

Why use this product:

The ability to divide different spaces in a building plays a key role in controlling fire damage for the following two reasons.

  • Prevents the spread of fire and smoke.

  • Provides emergency routes and facilitates access to these routes by preventing smoke and flames from entering.

Fire curtains are tested on the basis of two standards, 1-EN1634 and 2-EN13501, and both sides (front and back of the curtain) must be thoroughly inspected and tested to ensure their correct operation. There are three types, E, EI and EW, which are separated as follows.

E&EI Model

Product innovation and flexibility in color and dimensions 

The research and development process in Protect products has led to these products being presented to projects with a new level of innovation and precision. Among them, the following can be mentioned

These curtains will be completely hidden from view until they are used .

They open safely in the event of a fire and are in their operational position 

The fabrics used in the product are very advanced in terms of technique and technology and have different layers and reinforcements. according to different conditions and the needs of a respectable customer.

Over time, the use of heat and smoke insulation provides a desirable level.

Fabrics used in protect products are tested under direct fire and restrict the passage of flame and smoke to the other side 


Type of execution 

Maximum width 

Maximum height 


Meters 20 

Meters 10 


The head box and side guide can be offered in all RAL colors according to the customer's order.

EW Model

Use of special coatings and why reduce heat transfer coefficient

The skin of the body will feel pain and burning for 15 to 35 seconds when exposed to the heat. And if this time is increased by more than 100 seconds, there will be a possibility of blisters and burns. Also, in case of heat flux, the amount of time mentioned above will be reduced to 2 seconds.

Protect products using multilayer fabrics with special coatings will be able to significantly reduce the heat transfer coefficient, including the possibility of creating an aluminum coating on the fabric to increase heat reflection up to 600 degrees

Table of the relationship between radiant thermal energy and distance

The amount of radiant thermal energy

The distance from the escape corridor to the curtain

13.7 KW / m2

1 meter

7.6 KW / m2

2 meters

5.5 KW / m2

3 meters

4.4 KW / m2

4 meters

3.7 KW / m2

5 meters


Maximum height

Maximum width

Type of execution

M 5/5

M 15


The head box and side guide can be offered in all RAL colors according to the customer's order.

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