All types of walls warping brick, Refractory, Decorative, Antique & Rustic, Glazed, Corrugated, Rustic, Wood Brick, Composing, Art with all colors White, Grey, Red, Orange, Yellow, Brown, leather, Black, Green & Blue. With all sizes.

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Fiber Cement Board

Multi-purpose building board with flat surface consisting of a mixture of cement and fiber. It is flat reinforced surface plate with extra wide performance and large thickness between 8-28 mm for exterior and interior applications with its pressed and superior strength properties. 

It has a color of cream tones, depending on the natural sources used in its manufacture. Different surface finishes can be obtained like wood, brick, stone, and brick stone or by painting.

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Fiberglass Rebar

Fiberglass rebar is a stronger and lighter alternative to conventional steel rebar. It is ¼ the weight of steel, superior in tensile strength, non-magnetic, and non-conductive rebar that has a life cycle of 100+ years. GFRP products, including are specified for use in roadways, bridges, dams, concrete slabs, barrier walls, marine applications, tunneling and temporary reinforcement, and power generation facilities.

Master-BAR meets ASTM D7957 standard and is a fully approved GFRP Rebar. It is available for shipping worldwide.

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Michelangelo Tiles

Michelangelo Buonarroti was a great artist and sculptor who famously said “i saw the angel in the marble and carved until i set him free.  

Our designs are inspired by natural surfaces and textures, classic and contemporary arts, cultural symbols and latest trends. Our mission is to increase the standards of the market by producing innovative, high quality and elegant ceramic tiles to please our customers and make living spaces practical and elegant.


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