Cement, Haze and Salt Cleaner

This cleaner provides a great opportunity for all businesses and industries looking for a safe solution with excellent cleaning power.

This product replaces hazardous acids to remove bloom, salt, grout and soot from brick surfaces.

This solution does not contain muriatic, hydrochloric, sulfuric, phosphoric, citric and glycolic acids, salts and organic acids.

The cleaning solution works better than caustic and corrosive acids and dissolves more deposits on bricks.

This solution is biodegradable, non-corrosive, odorless and easy to use for the average user. An advantage of this cleaner is that it does not change the color of the bricks.


Removes all cement and mortar stains and smudges on brick surfaces.

Cleans all crust on brick surfaces.

It does not change the color of the interface.

High cleaning power.

High speed of use.

It does not cause dust and noise compared to face sanding and abrasives.

Reasonable price compared to other interface cleaning methods.

Instructions for use:

1- Wash the facade of the building well with clean water.

2- Pour the solution into a container of polyethylene or plastic, do not pour it into iron pots as it will react with it (it is strictly forbidden to use iron pots)

3- Using a brush, soak the cement spots with the solution,

4- After 1-2 minutes, wash the interface with pressure water. Lift it up and wipe it with a rag or sponge to clean cement stains from the facade.

If there are large cement stains, remove the cement stains from the facade surface with a spatula.

Precautions  for use:

1- Be sure to test some of it on the interface before using the cleaning agent.

2- This solution is not suitable for acid-sensitive surfaces such as aluminum, various metals, marble, polished tiles and limestone.

3- Use CP100 solution to clean cement, plaster and sealing mortar stains (joints), you can also use CP110 solution to clean the remaining crust on the interface.

4 - Do not use this solution on a heated surface in direct sunlight or sub-zero temperatures.

5- When this material comes into contact with cement stains, the cement stains react with cleaning materials and lose their adhesive strength to the interface.

6- Do not use this product to clean limestone because these substances combine with lime veins and make the surface of the stone porous.

Safety Instructions

Do not mix this product with water in any way.

When using this product, use gloves and a mask and then apply this substance to the cement and salt stains with a brush.

It is recommended for use by professional and experienced people.

Avoid direct contact with skin and clothing

General specifications   



Maintenance time

12 months if stored in the original packaging and in a dry place

Adhesive density kg/cm3


Temperature range (°C)


Execution method



Store this product away from sunlight and moisture  inside a covered environment and use it immediately after opening the cover of the envelope.


The package contains one liter.